Karl Dane

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

the other Carl Dane

Banging that gong meant food for Carl - Northants ET:
"CARL Dane must have been one of the most known unknown movie stars ever. He was seen on the big screen by millions but most of them would not even have known his name.

For this 6ft 5in strongman's claim to fame was that he was the first man to strike the gong at the start of many Rank Organisation films.

Carl always took a secret delight in his anonymity and loved to regale people with tales of his life in Hollywood. He received £12 for the job in 1932 for which he had to take off his clothes and cover himself in bronze make-up to strike the huge gong."

- but no known connection with Denmark, and unless other documentation of his date and place of birth turns up, the danish connection is unlikely to be more than a family legend.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ellehammer and motorcycles

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Copenhagen Skattebogen

Monday, February 18, 2008

Glove making in Randers

Kulturhistorisk Museum Randers: "Kulturhuset - Stemannsgade 2 - 8900 Randers - 86 42 86 55"

Historien om verdens ældste handskefabrik

Industrikulturens år og Randers Handskefabriks snart 200-årige historie bliver markeret, når Håndværksmuseet Kejsergaarden fra lørdag den 28. april åbner dørene til udstillingen "Tradition for Handsker".
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old copenahgen

blurred DSC02871

copy of Fishmarket with small boats

Saturday, February 16, 2008

family tree for Karl Dane

ªRootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Karl Dane: "Rasmus Karl Therkelsen Gottlieb"

the big update is

Gottlieb, Georg Valdemar Johan
b: 17 JUL 1880 in Frederiksgade 10, Aarhus, Hasle Aarhus
d: 1 AUG 1892 in Kommune Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark
he is a second cousin of Karl

DSC02982 church book lisitng deaths at the hospital

His grandfather from Horsens was a master glovemaker in Randers and employed Karl Dane's father as journeyman shown here in the 1880 danish census:-

Randers, Støvring, Randers Købstad, Kvarter/Rode
103, Østergade, Matr. 838 forhus stuen, 893 F1, FT-1880, D2583

Navn: Alder: Civilstand: Stilling i husstanden: Erhverv: Fødested:

Johan Nielsen Gotlieb 58 Gift handskefabrikant Horsens
Karen Kirsten Gotlieb født Glass 50 Gift hans hustru Randers Randers Amt

Rasmus Marius Gotlieb 19 Ugift handskemagersvend Horsens

Ane Marie Kirstine Winneberg 16 Ugift tjenestepige Randers Randers Amt
maid servant

Lauritz Christian Glass 8 Ugift i pleie hos familien Lihme Randers Amt
wife's nephew

Rasmus would have served a 4 years apprenticeship from age 14 to 18

RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Karl Dane:

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