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Saturday, April 05, 2008

National Library 11 March 2008

National Library today - a photoset on Flickr

DSC07159 from AUTO number 42 - 21 October 1915

DSC07158 five newly qualified militart pilots took the civil certificate
4 passed on one day and the fifth on the next
Premierløjtenant USSING was their instructor

1) Løjteneant af Reserven Hr. J P F EKMAN FAI certificate number 18 (age 30)
2) Løjtenant Å K GUNDEL FAI number 20
3) Oversergent P V JØRGENSEN (age 32 the oldest in this group)
4) Underkorporal H A EHLERS FAI Certificat Nr. 21
5) Underkorporal C J T ERLUND FAI certificate number 19

Sergent V G HANSEN qualified later
the training machine was made in Denmark Berg-Storm monoplane "B & S III"

DSC07160this aricle describes the success of dual control training used for the first time in Denmark - and with zero damage to the aeroplanes

DSC07161 text in close up


refers to Svendsen's Flying school where
Underkorporal EHLERS started, and who finally go certificate nr. 21.
student pilot SAND was his group partner who wrecked and wrote off Wampa 31 March 1911
and therefore they never got beyond taxiing - that was by solo training method which should have progresed to short hops next

nine students from winter 1910 -1911
also included :-
Journalist Carl Theodore Dryer (film dirtector Carl Theodore Dryer - Google Search ) Carl Th. Dreyer - Danmark Nationalfilmografi
Søren Severinsen
Einer Zangenberg
who was in this film Den skaebnesv angre opfindelse
a film by Viggo Larsen. Con Alwin Neuss, Oda Alstrup, August Blom, Einer Zangenberg, Viggo Larsen.
Genere Fantascienza, b/n 17 minuti. - Denmark 1910. see also Einar Zangenberg - Danmark Nationalfilmografi

DSC07163 Certificate 18


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