Karl Dane

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Horsens, Denmark - JewishGen Scandinavia SIG

it looks like there is no foundation to my idea of a jewish connection


According to the Census of 1. July 1787 only two Jewish families lived in Horsens: Joel Ballin and Isac Zacharias Levy.

In the beginning of the 19th Century a few more families had come to Horsens from Fredericia. At the request of David Davidsen, Joseph Carl Wulff and Isac Zacharias Levy the Jews in Horsens got permission in 1803 to establish a synagogue.

Horsens, Denmark - JewishGen Scandinavia SIG: "Horsens Jewish Cemetery
The Jewish cemetery in Horsens was established in 1850 when an area of some 7,000 square 'alen' [1 'alen' ~ two feet] outside the town was bought for 250 Rigsbankdaler and conveyed to Moses Isac Levy, as representative for the Jewish congregation.
Until that time Jews had been buried in Fredericia Jewish Cemetery.

Surnames of those buried in Horsens Jewish Cemetery

at last

Nober Version 1.1: "Johann Gottlieb Just efterkommere, der rejste til Amerika"

see Personer and the links inspired by this site with main page of his Gallery of photographs and the sharing of data by Per Schøler Gottlieb with some checking of census on the Danish Demographic Database
and church books Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline
within which there is a hint that these GOTTLIEB were originally part of the local jewish community, see Jews of Denmark, who later built the Horsens synagogue, Denmark - JewishGen Scandinavia SIG

more data may be to be found in Byarkivet i Horsens:
"Byarkivet er Horsens og omegns historiske hukommelse"

Byarkivet i Horsens: " Handskemagersvendenes lavsbog 1760-1855 should be checked
also Århus Kommunes Biblioteker - Lokalhistorie

5731 hits for GOTTLIEB and 1444 of those with Keyword(s) Hebrew in the latest New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 - Updated on ancestry

Ancestry.com - New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957:

SIC "Rasmies Carl Therkelsen Gottlieb 13 Feb 1916 abt 1887 Male Copenhagen Scandinavian Oscar II "

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Gottlieb Family photographs

Rasmus Carl Terkelsen Gottlieb (12. oct. 1886 - 14. april 1934) named: Karl DANE
and last
Map of The Center of Copenhagen, where Rasmus Marius Gottlieb lived with his sons - Black dots.
of the archive:-

The Gottlieb Family in Denmark

Photos of Reinald Marius Gottlieb and Karl Danes close family in Denmark The Gottlieb - Family in Denmark

Date: 11/06/06

The main page of his Gallery of photographs:
Date: 06/26/06 Owner: Per Schøler Gottlieb Size: 18 albums (1393 items total)"