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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

wanted by the police in Denmark

DSC05987 5 yearly index of people and goods wanted by the Danish Police

1913 TO 1917

DSC05990there is our man 4 lines down
1-1 B 1814

Efterlyste Værnepligte.
(Underreting on Opholsted)

wanted information about his present residence

little did they know he was in New York and never to return
and technically not AWOL because they could not find him to deliver the order to serve

listed as Therkelsen-Gottlieb on his ticket made him harder to spot on the police register or ship's manifest


later his brother lost his driving licence
see 11 May 1923 bottom line below


the once top secret books are kept in the archives at the city hall of Copenhagen Denmark

Brumleby, buses to archives and a new shopping mall - a photoset on Flickr with more about my day in Copenhagnen

Københavns Stadsarkiv:
"Københavns Rådhus
1599 København V

Åbningstider for læsesalen

Dag Åbent Bemærk
Mandag-onsdag, fredag 9 - 15
Torsdag 10 - 17
Lørdag 9.30 - 12.30 Ikke 1.6 til 31.8 Begrænset vejledning

Stadsarkivet har lukket:
1. maj og 5. juni, Påskelørdag og lørdagen efter St. Bededag

STARBAS er online og klar til brug!

Stadsarkivets arkivdatabase STARBAS blev indviet og åbnet for netadgang den 14. maj

Se og søg i STARBAS her


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