Karl Dane

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Karl's rifle

Dansh Remington: "GENERALLY: The Danes elected to license the Remington design for manufacture in Denmark at the Copenhagen arsenal, which they did in fairly large quantity. The Danish model first utilized a rimfire cartridge and that stayed in service well into the smokeless era. However, with the adoption of the 8mm M1889 Krag-Jorgensen the need to update or abandon the Remington became acute. In 1896 they were withdrawn from infantry service, converted to centerfire cartridge and issued to coast and fortress artillerymen. At that time a new much longer rear ladder sight was also fitted to the rifles. After World War II a large quantity were sold surplus back to the US where these type first entered civilian hands, being misleadingly sold in large quantity as .45-70 Rolling blocks!"

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As mentioned in the general text above, the Danish model first utilized a rimfire cartridge which stayed in service well into the smokeless era. This created a potential compatibility problem, rimfire cartridges won't fire in a certral fire rifle, and center-fire cartridges won't operate in a rimfire rifle. WELL ...... if you look carefully above, you will see that the breech block of the Danish Remington Rolling Block has TWO firing pin holes, one for center fire and one at the bottom of the breech block face for rimfire. The firing pin is fairly easily reversible, for use of the rifle with whatever (rimfire or central fire) ammunition is available. MORE M1867/96 Danish Rolling Block detail pics


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