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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


New Hudson Motorcycles: "Formed in 1903 to build bicycles, the Birmingham factory turned to motorcycles in 1909. They manufactured their own SV and OHV single cylinder engines of 350 to 600cc, and also a two-stroke of 211cc. In addtion to the range of motorcycles, they built three-wheelers with MAG engines. The firm was taken over by the BSA concern early in the depression era."

Cyprus Classic Motorcycle Museum: " 44 Granikou Street, CY-1010 Nicosia, Cyprus,"
owns a 1914 New Hudson

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1912 New Hudson Model 3B

Displayed by the North Wiltshire British MCC at the 2004 Bristol Classic Bike show, this is a 1912 New Hudson Model 3B with a 500cc 31/2 HP single cylinder engine.
VintageBike.co.uk - Picture of 1912 New Hudson Model 3B

1912 New Hudson Model 3B

The Elleham club was for owners of that make.

Ellehammer Elleham Motorcycles: "Now You can see pictures from Denmark, with the old bike, and he is driving around on this Museums thing... You are allowed to use the picture in this mail. It is posible, that there will be 2 more bikes in wheels next year, if he works heard enough. Thanks for Your Site, Great!"

Vision om at genskabe Elleham Klub, eksklusivt for Elleham ejere - reglerne for Elleham klubben

Dansk Veteranflysamling: "Den 12. september 2006 var det 100 årsdagen for J.C.Ellehammers første flyvning".

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