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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


De Danske Erherv København
circa 1906 - the book is printed on very poor paper and falling apart
it is being scanned and put on line soon

see:- Digital litteratur om København - Her kan du finde de historisk-topografiske værker, tekster, tegninger, kort og oversigter om København, som Rådhusbiblioteket netop nu kan byde på i digital form. Det digitale bibliotek vil løbende blive udbygget.

pattern makers shop

the aprentices were sent to the back for the photograph of the foundry

the foreman moulder and his mate have their beer ready to the right of the picture
Copenhagen workers drank beer during the day until very recently
historically the water was very bad and not drinkable unless boiled - hence cholera

big file 686k

the foundry

the great machine shop was driven by steam power through shafts, belts and pulleys

in 1900 Reinald and his younger brother Carl, were apprenticed as machinists
Maskinelære with Smith, Mygind & Hüttemeir 68 Nørrebrogade Copenhagen den sorte firkant

Carl was a hammer man and an apprentice smith
no photo yet of the black smith's shop
found yet
but ended up as an electrician
like his brother Reinald who became an electrical contractor in Aarhus by the time of 1921 census

the bridge building yard
the final assembly would be done on site with red hot rivets

Langebro - swing bridgeover Copenhagen harbour

Director S Koefed
Director J Caroc

my camera ran out of space so this is with the phone cam


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