Karl Dane

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Where to begin?

Roots in Denmark:

"Concerning the male population the draft lists can be found back to 1789 at the Danish National Archives (moved to Landsarkivets selvbetjeningsmagasin )

Through these lists you have yet another possibility to trace change of residence.

However the draft lists before 1849 only cover that part of the rural population that was obliged to be conscripted. The draft lists can be used in their original form at the reading room. They are described (in Danish) in the folders 'Rigsarkivet informerer' (nr. 9 and 10). From the staff at the guidance counter you can obtain assistance ordering the draft lists in question.

Also in this case information about date of birth with place or address are the vital clues."

Se webside om lægdsruller >

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Se vejledningen Lægdsruller - forkortelser > PDF
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Se printvejledningen Lægdsnumre i Landsarkivets område > PDF


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